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Dr. Choi has been operating acne clinics ever since she realized that patients were being overcharged for acne treatments.  She decided to develop an acne treatment with minimal expenses without having to continuously visit a clinic.  Acne herbal pills, acne soap, acne skin and lotion are 100% natural, organic substances that will give you a satisfying result.

It creates inner beauty of your skin.  The cause of acne is imbalance of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and  testosterone.  The pill harmonizes your hormone levels. Prevents the growth of pore-clogging cells and increases flow in your oil glands.  

Use in conjunction with topical acne medication for maximum results. 

Testimonials:  Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at $:20 PM

I just wanted to send a quick note to say THANK YOU!  You really saved my life.  After my 30th birthday, all of a sudden, I broke out with severe acne on my face.  I became severely depressed.  Every day I struggled to get out of bed and go to work.  I frequently called in sick and wouldn't to to the office because I did n't want to leave the house.  I would spend weekends getting all sorts of high-priced treatments and facials, hoping to make things better.  NOTHING worked.  I was spending a lot of time and money on products and treatments and it was all useless.Thank God, my mom had heard about you and our treatment program.  I remember going to meet you for the first time.  I was really skeptical.  I had tried  everything and nothing worked so I really thought this would, again, just be a waste of time and money.  But I could tell-after just a few minutes sitting down and professional counsel.  More importantly, your treatment plan works!  Just a few days after I started taking the herbal pills I could already se the acne disappearing.  Two months after meeting you and being under your care, I am acne-free!

I really hope this testimonial will spread the word and help others.

With Gratitude,  Grace Yi (Investment Company)


Hey it really works!!!

Acne pills, acne soap, acne skin, acne lotion:  Hey it really works!!!  I had really bad acne issue and have struggled on and off for a long time now.  Along with my amazing acupuncture treatments, Dr. Choi recommended  a new skin regimen.  She recommended her herbal acne bar or soap, the toner and lotion.  I was desperate and it was inexpensive, so I took it all.  I went on vacation and my skin began to clear up and glow!  When I returned a week later for my regular acupuncture appointment, Dr. Choi then recommended the acne herbal pills.  I have been coming for some time now to I trusted her and made the investment... It was worth it!!  All my healing acne scars simply peeled away!  I have been continuing with the face wash, toner, lotion and acne herbal pills and will continue.  I just bought a new bar of soap.  I now can enjoy the rest my summer on the beach and out by the pool with confidence and clear skin!!  I never have to wear makeup anymore. 

Erica Acebado (Model, Director)



Dr. Choi's foolproof acne treatment plan

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